As Atlanta's grassroots transit advocacy organization, Citizens for Progressive Transit is committed to working with MARTA and regional leaders to help bring about comprehensive, long-term improvements to public transportation throughout the greater Atlanta region.



Our Work & History

Citizens for Progressive Transit has been fortunate to attract many talented volunteers and active, engaged citizens of the community. Through your efforts, we have made much progress toward our mission of supporting the use and expansion of quality public transportation in Atlanta.

Our Work

A World-Class Vision

Citizens for Progressive Transit is pleased to present its "World-Class Transit Vision" for the Atlanta region. The map pictured below is one scenario for the expansion of transit in Atlanta into a system that is befitting for a city of Atlanta's size and growing stature.

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Get Involved

As an all-volunteer grassroots organization, our success is contingent upon the involvement of active and engaged citizens. Please consider joining CfPT or making a donation today. In addition, here are some other steps you can take to help advance the cause of improved public transportation in Atlanta and beyond

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