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Getting to know you, getting to know all about you

Hopefully everyone has found a way by now to VOLUNTEER to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Here at CfPT, in addition to conserving gas by taking transit, we\'re sponsoring Getting to know MARTA.

Atlantans using transit to save gas, MARTA adds service in response

For those of us who have been wondering which comes first, more people riding transit or more frequent service (and the funding needed to pay for it), guess this answers the question: Metro transit ridership up due to Hurricane Katrina\'s effect on gas prices and availability, MARTA adds service.

Metro Atlanta gives $289 per person to Middle East producers

In today\'s AJC

"People in Atlanta send an amount of money that would shock them to oil producers in the Middle East," said Richard Wiles, one of the study\'s authors.

His group calculated that Atlanta drivers send about $289 per household annually to the Middle East, for a metro total of $450 million a year.

Dan McLagan, a spokesman for Gov. Sonny Perdue, scoffed at linking road building and national security threats.

Now Online: MARTA Board Meeting Minutes

Ever wondered exactly how your county\'s representatives on the MARTA board are doing? Now, board minutes are ONLINE. Kudos to MARTA for posting the minutes, making it easier for advocates, riders, and the general public to stay informed.

Feeling the squeeze?

D.C.\'s Metro is lauching a new ad campaign to promote transit in light of high gas prices. The ads show a gas gauge on E with the caption, "A trip to the pump is no vacation." An ad to debut in September will feature a purse with a gas pump snaking around it and the line, "Feeling the squeeze?"

Last week in meetings

Last week was rife with transportation meetings. First, the good news.

•The Atlanta Regional Commission\'s Downtown Bus Circulation Study Steering Committee met Thursday and decided to move the suburban commuter buses from Peachtree Street onto side streets. It will be a few years before the redirect happens, but at least it\'s a start towards recognizing the importance of our signature street!


Residents of counties just outside Athens want transit

The Athens Banner-Herald says residents of Oconee and Clarke counties want transit to reach them.

"For citizens with disabilities that make driving impossible and for those who don\'t own cars, living just beyond the reach of Athens\' transit system can be painful", said Roger Keeney, a member of the Northeast Georgia Interconnected Transportation Committee and chairman of Athens Transit\'s transit advisory committee."

Latest MARTA financial news

Today\'s story in the AJC notes that MARTA budget shortfall for the fiscal year was much less than previously expected ($3.8 million gap versus the prognosticated $18-plus million). This is partly due to measures that cut "costs," including service cuts to bus and rail, and partly due to increased sales tax collections as the state\'s economy perks up.

Atlanta Air Quality: Red Alert

For the third day in a row, the air in Atlanta is practically chewable. Coincidentally (unhappy circumstance...), the MARTA service cuts went into effect Saturday, just in time for riders facing the heat and smog. From what we\'ve seen, Atlanta is taking the Southern discomfort in stride, but it does seem ironic that those doing their part to improve air quality (by taking transit, cycling, and walking) are the ones who suffer from the smog the most.

New to CfPT? Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What is Citizens for Progressive Transit?

We are simply locals who are passionate about public transportation being a key piece of the great city puzzle. We strive to be an information conduit between our transit agencies and riders like us.

We also work to share the news about the benefits of transit to the public, including those who don\'t even use it (air quality, congestion relief, stress relief, and cost-effectiveness, among many others) and to increase public support for transit funding.
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