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Meetings This Week

This was an extremely busy week for transit-related public affairs:

Armour Yard: A Foundation for the Future

MARTA\'s long-awaited Armour Yard Rail Services Facility celebrated its official grand opening on Monday. The complex, located near the Lindbergh station just south of the North/Northeast Line split, gives MARTA additional space to store and service its 338 rail cars. Armour Yard includes a 208,000-sq-ft. maintenance and overhaul facility, a large railcar storage yard, a traction power substation, train cleaning facilities, and a variety of supporting infrastructure.

MARTA Unveils Rebuilt Railcars

For all of the recent depressing news on the local transit front, there are a few bright spots. One example: MARTA\'s newly rehabilitated railcars, which are very sharp. CfPT was in attendance at the official unveiling on Wednesday:

Statement to MARTA Board of Directors

At its monthly meeting this afternoon, MARTA\'s Board of Directors will consider a budget proposal that calls for, among other things, a fare hike, service cuts, and staff layoffs.

Reproduced below is the text of a statement to be delivered on behalf of CfPT at the meeting by Joe Winter, our GSU chapter president. Check back later today for an update on any decisions the Board may make.

[Update 3:09pm: The board delayed the vote; no decision today. Details to follow...]

MARTA Public Hearings attract a broad range of activists and riders

Last night 100 people attended the first public hearing on the proposed fare increase and service cuts. Popular refrains included the need for broader regional or state funding for operations, and the sentiment, voiced by nearly every speaker, that a simultaneous fare increase and service reduction is no way to improve transit in Atlanta.

Single Tracking Alert

Please be advised that this weekend (April 23-24) is the first of seven consecutive weekends of single-tracking on the MARTA rail system.

These improvements will ultimately enable improved service on the North-South Line, but in the meantime it means longer wait times for trains at most stations during the affected weekends. Specific details are posted below, taken from MARTA\'s website.

For this weekend and next:

WEEKEND OF APRIL 22 - 24, 2005

Proposed Service Changes Outlined

Details of the state-mandated MARTA fare increase and service reduction package have been made available, and needless to say it is not a pretty picture. Here is what we may be looking at, though keep in mind that everything listed below (the fare hike included) is simply a proposal at this point, and nothing will be set in stone until after the public input period has concluded.

• An increase of the base fare to $2, with the cost of weekly and monthly passes rising to $15 and $65, respectively.

MARTA Under Attack (Again)

It was reported this week that MARTA is once again considering a combination of service cuts, staff layoffs, and/or a fare increase. This is the result of a coordinated campaign against the transit agency at the state level, underscored by two recent developments:

CfPT Spring Fundraiser - March 29th, 2005

Please join Citizens for Progressive Transit for a viewing of the acclaimed documentary film "Taken for a Ride" by Jim Klein and Martha Olson, which chronicles the decline of streetcar systems in cities across the US during the mid-20th century. We will also be joined by Prof. Michael Dobbins, a member of the architecture and city planning faculty at Georgia Tech and former planning commissioner for the city of Atlanta, who will facilitate a discussion on the future of transit in Atlanta following the film.
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