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North Carolina Passes Mass Transit Funding Bill

Georgia transit advocates envy neighboring state’s approach

ATLANTA - Georgia public transit advocates are congratulating their counterparts in neighboring North Carolina following that state’s approval late Monday night of a new way to fund mass transit.

North Carolina joins Tennessee, which passed a law earlier this year giving local governments the power to raise funds for mass transit.

“Georgia’s neighbors are giving their voters tools they can use to invest in the future,” said Lee Biola, president of Atlanta-based Citizens for Progressive Transit.

Stay Tuned on MARTA Developments

A committee of the Atlanta Regional Commission has proposed a possible solution that might keep MARTA running seven days a week.

This is terrific news for the short term. If approved, the proposed solution would buy more time for the state to correct the law that caused the current crisis. It is not a permanent solution.

The Atlanta Regional Commission should be commended for acting responsibly. The proposal could remove the need for the Governor to call a Special Session of the Georgia General Assembly.

Tell Governor Perdue to Prevent MARTA disaster

Ask Governor Perdue to Call a Special Session to Prevent MARTA Cuts

MARTA may have to cut all bus and train service on Fridays.

MARTA already has money it could use to keep running seven days a week, but Georgia law will not let that money be used for bus and train operations.

Georgia\'s General Assembly could have kept MARTA trains and buses running seven days a week without spending a single dime. It just needed to pass one law.

But it did not.

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New Transit Plan Approved

Transit Advocates Celebrate

Transit advocates are praising the Atlanta Regional Commission for approving Wednesday the most far-reaching public transit expansion plan in decades.

Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) board members voted Wednesday to approve the “Concept 3” plan created by the regional Transit Planning Board.

Click here to see Concept 3

December 2: New Transit Plan Celebration

A Toast to "Concept 3"

Date: Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Location: Shout, 1197 Peachtree Street

Sponsored by Zipcar, Inc http://www.zipcar.com

For the first time in many years, Metro Atlanta is on the verge of expanding quality public transit.

Candidates Respond to Transit Survey

We at Citizens for Progressive Transit are proud to provide the results of our 2008 candidate survey. This survey - a joint project with our friends at the Georgia Association of Railroad Passengers - asked candidates their positions on key transportation issues.

Many thanks to Jim Dexter for surveying the candidates and compiling their responses. Thanks also to the candidates for participating. We hope you will find the information useful as you decide for whom you will vote.

Please click on "continued" below to see the candidates\' responses.

Transit Advocates Hail Jump in Support for trains and buses in Gwinnett

” said Lee Biola president of Citizens for Progressive Transit. “Transit definitely has momentum on its side.”The numbers represent a shift from 1990

July 15: Gwinnett Votes on MARTA




Gwinnett Republican Ballot*
��Would you support the extension of the MARTA rail line into Gwinnett County which would include an additional one cent sales tax?

Gwinnett Democratic Ballot*
��Would you support a 1% sales tax increase to extend MARTA into Gwinnett County?

Polls open 7am-7pm on Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Find your polling place:

Poll: Metro Atlantans Want More Public Transit

According to a survey conducted on behalf of the Transit Planning Board, the majority of registered voters in the 11-county metropolitan Atlanta study area expressed highly favorable views towards transit and are supportive of funding strategies that will make expanded regional bus and rail service a reality in the foreseeable future.

Such support bodes well for regional transit efforts being led by the Transit Planning Board. Most recently, these efforts have been focused on gathering public input for an expanded regional transit network, known as Concept 3.
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