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Paving the American Dream . . . Or Solutions from our Living Economy

Two big events are happening this weekend. The choice about which one to attend is actually not difficult.


Beltline Rail Rally Sept 5

WHO: You!
WHAT: Rally for Beltline Rail
WHEN: Noon, Tuesday, September 5 (before MARTA’s 1:15pm Board Meeting)
WHERE: MARTA Headquarters next to Lindbergh MARTA Station
WHY: Because friends don’t let friends build roads on the Beltline

MARTA is about to select the “Locally Preferred Alternative” for the Beltline. This is a major step in the federal funding process.

Citizens tour Transit-Oriented Developments

The Sierra Club sponsored a tour of Transit Oriented Developments (TODs) on Saturday, August 12.

The event was well-attended with roughly 35 attendees, many of whom didn\'t regularly use MARTA transit services. The tour included visiting Lindbergh Center as an example of a large-scale TOD and to provide a historical perspective of TODs within the Atlanta area.

Rail is Better for Beltline

From Citizens for Progressive Transit's Equal Time Column in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, August 16, 2006:

Buses are an essential part of Atlanta’s transportation system but, as an overwhelming majority of attendees at MARTA's public hearings urged, light rail is the right choice for the Beltline. Transit on the Beltline must fit into the context of the neighborhoods

Beltline Meetings & Happy Hour

The week of Aug 7-10 will be a big one in transit advocacy. MARTA has public hearings on the Beltline and CfPT has a Happy Hour with MARTA Board members.

If possible, attend one of the MARTA Beltline meetings and let MARTA know that Beltline transit should be a continuous loop and should run on rails, not roads. Then come to CfPT's Happy Hour

What will be the route for Beltline Transit?

Where will Beltline Transit go? Will it travel on rails or pavement?

Four possible Beltline routes are still being considered. Which three will be "voted off the island"?


The Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioners will meet this Wednesday May 17th at 2 p.m. to discuss the Lovejoy rail line. Please help pack the room so that they know the public supports transit. This is the first commuter rail in Georgia since the old passenger rail lines were put out of business by government subsidzed roads. It would connect fast-growing Clayton county to Atlanta and provide commuters south of Atlanta an option to driving congested highways.

Governor fails to help Georgians get out of traffic; conserve gas

Citizens for Progressive Transit expressed disappointment Tuesday at Governor Sonny Perdue’s refusal to kill a backroom deal that delays efforts to give Georgians a way out of traffic and high gas prices.

“Accountability is part of the job of our elected officials. It was wrong for a few legislators in a backroom to dismantle plans for traffic-reducing, clean commute options. It is wrong now for the Governor to sign off on this effort to keep Georgians stuck in traffic,” said Lee Biola, president of Citizens for Progressive Transit.

Supporters of Georgia’s First Commuter Rail Line Call On Gov to Move Project Forward

[Atlanta, GA] Commuter rail supporters, as broad based as Clayton County Commissioners, Gwinnett County Republicans and the Sierra Club, gathered Thursday on the steps of the state capitol to urge the Georgia Department of Transportation to move forward with plans for the first commuter rail line in Georgia.

Press Conference to Support Commuter Rail in Georgia - This Thursday!

Last week, it came to light that a wayward legislator almost robbed Georgia of our first commuter rail service: a train line from Atlanta to Lovejoy, GA, a very exciting change for traffic-weary Georgians. Join Sierra Club, Citizens for Progressive Transit and others for a press conference this Thursday:

Thursday, April 27, 2006
11:45 am - 12:45 pm
GA State Capitol steps/Washington St. side
All supporters of more trains in Georgia are needed!
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